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Product Application
With the national mine roadway, railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, underground engineering and other construction, extensive use of the anchor anchor support the international advanced support method, the concrete jet is the main equipment of the operation, but because of Dry spray machine there are polluted environment problems, the country is vigorously promoting the wet wet spray machine, with low dust, low resilience, high construction efficiency, the use of low cost advantages.

FOB Qingdao Port: US $5000-100000/Set
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply Ability: 300/Set per Month
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T 

Chi tiết sản phẩm

Model: SPJ08
Max Theoretical output: 8m3/h
Output Pressure: 7Mpa
Cylinder dia.×Stroke: Φ140*800mm
Max aggregate size: ≤15mm
Oil Pump: PLA7313/Kawasaki
Motor brand:Yantai/Siemens
Pumping height/distance:30m/70m

1.Continuous adjustable jet(CVT).
2.Continuous adjustable accelerator amount.
3.High performance, high performance of spraying layer concrete, dense, homogeneous, high strength.
4.Rebound degree is low, dry spray, concrete rebound degree is 15%-50%, adopts the wet spray technology, resilient rate can be reduced below to 10%, effectively saved the cost. 

Wet concrete Spraying Machine 
Item SPJ08
Theoretic delivery volume 0-8m³/h
Maximum outlet pressure 7Mpa
The maximum pumping frequency 16t/min
The allowed aggregate diameter ≤15mm
Delivery distance Horizontal :50m
Vertical :20m
Distributing valve form S tube
Cylinder diameter*stroke Φ120×600mm
Discharging outlet diameter 100mm
Feeding height 700mm
The rated voltage ~380V
Main motor power 22kw
Rated speed 1470r/min
Hydraulic circuit form Open loop
The main system MTP 25Mpa
The hydraulic oil tank volume(L) 120L
The maximum aggregate size 15mm
Delivery pipe diameter Φ57mm
Whole machine weight 1800kg
Towing speed() ≤8km/h
Overall dimensions(lengt *width*height) 3400*1500*1550mm
Rubber hose  30m
Packing  20GP for 1set

Main features

Continuous adjustable jet(CVT).

Continuous adjustable accelerator amount.

Centralized lubrication system, effectively prolonged the service life of the wear parts.

Wheel designed products, flexible, mobile convenience, simple maintenance.

Imported Eaton valve group and the split piston.

High pumping pressure, delivery and spray long distance.

High performance, high performance of spraying layer concrete, dense, homogeneous, high strength.

Accelerating agent adding and control technology, the domestic famous brand metering pump, accurate measurement of atomizing jet and nozzle material makes the accelerating agent mixed with concrete mixing.

Reduce the dust concentration on machine side and nozzle, eliminate the harm to workers health.

Rebound degree is low, dry spray, concrete rebound degree is 15%-50%, adopts the wet spray technology, resilient rate can be reduced below to 10%, effectively saved the cost.