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Product Application
With the national mine roadway, railway and highway tunnels, water conservancy culverts, underground engineering and other construction, extensive use of the anchor anchor support the international advanced support method, the concrete jet is the main equipment of the operation, but because of Dry spray machine there are polluted environment problems, the country is vigorously promoting the wet wet spray machine, with low dust, low resilience, high construction efficiency, the use of low cost advantages. 

Chi tiết sản phẩm

FOB Qingdao Port: US $5000-100000/Set
Min. Order Quantity: 1 Set
Supply Ability: 300/Set per Month
Port: Qingdao
Payment Terms: L/C,D/A,D/P,T/T

Model: KNL5160TPJ-25 KNL5160TPJ-30
Max Theoretical output: 25m3/h 30m3/h
Output Pressure: 8Mpa
Cylinder dia.×Stroke: Φ160*1000mm
Spraying height:16m
Spraying width:26.8m
Spindle axial rotation angle: 360°

1.Front and rear leg the span is large,work stability.
2.The boom adopts symmetrically arranged structure.
3.The boom can swing ±45° , can increase the felxibility of the jet mechanism to improve the spraying area.
4.Rotary reducer ats turbo-type gear reduction mechanism, big reduction ratio, strong self-locking ability, the big output torque,stable smooth operation.high reliability 

Model Unit KNL5160TPJ-30A parameter
The whole  machine diameter Boom structure   Big and small arm Pitching and small arm stretching
Spraying height m 16
Spraying width m 26.8
Big arm pitching angle   0-60°
Small arm pitching angle   +15°-35°
Boom rotation angle   +300°
Flying arm horizontal swing angle   +45°
Spindle axial rotation angle   360°
Spindle vertical axial swing angle   240°
Nozzle swing angle   +4°
Front leg span mm 2.3~3.7
Rear leg span mm 2.6
System parameter Front and rear leg span mm 5100
Main drive mode   Motor
Auxiliary drive mode   Diesel engine
Motor rated power kw 55
Voltage V 380
Concrete spraying capacity M3/h 30
Pumping pressure Mpa 10
Concrete cylinder diameter*stroke mm Φ160*1200
Oil cylinder dia.*stick dia.*stroke mm Φ100*Φ80*1200
Output diameter mm Φ125
Delivery pipe diameter mm Φ80
Nozzle diameter mm Φ50
Air compressor parameters (optional)   12m3/min,0.8Mpa
Chassis parameter Model   CDW1160HA1R5
Wheel base mm 5000
Engine model   YC4EG185-50
Engine power kw 136(186hp)
Gearbox file   8 gears(high and low speed)
Maximum speed Km/h 80
Grade ability   30%
Fuel tank volume L 200
Exhaust emission standards   Nation V
The whole dimension mm 9200x2460x3670


A. Front and rear leg the span is large, work stability. 

1.The front leg

Adopts horizontal telescopic cylinder + H-type legs, legs span is large, according to the construction site, respectively, control the length of the leg can effectively increase the stability and safety of the equipment.

2.The rear leg

Adopts eight characters closed type leg, forcing ability is good, more stability, can effectively support the rear hopper pumping concrete cylinder loading impact.

B. Pumping system

1.pumping system using φ160 concrete cylinder, 1.2m stroke, the main cylinder cylinder diameter φ100. (30 trolley)

2. pumping hydraulic system using 55KW four-pole motor 130ml / r adjustable displacement of the main pump + 45ml / r

Variable pump (Rexroth series)

3.The main valve adopts the eight-line proportional valve (BARMAG), which has the variable variable switching function. When switching to the variable mode, the electric proportional valve can load-sensitive the variable pump according to the current action and load, Guide the variable pump output variable, so that achieve the purpose of energy efficiency.


1. long stroke, less times of commutation,small transport impact, less volatility, the jet surface is clean , smooth, easy to control.

2.130ml / r adjustable displacement of the main pump, low energy consumption, high reliability, long life, adequate displacement.

3.45ml / r variable pump, according to the action speed and amplitude of the size of the output displacement, reduce energy consumption, action coordination and stability.

4.less switching times, make glasses plate, cutting loop changing cycle long time. Export pressure, transport material ability is strong, do not pick material, blocking the risk is greatly reduced.

C.The boom adopts symmetrically arranged structure

Advantages:The boom is symmetrically arranged with a symmetrical structure. The telescopic arm is connected to the base arm on the same axis. The telescopic arm is directly connected to the base arm through the pin. No connecting arm, no lateral force, no stress concentration, no happen Fatigue cracking, so the boom system is more stable and reliable.

D.Swinging arm

the boom swing the wings by swing motor connecting, then fly arm  connect the jetting mechanism, can swing ± 45 °.

Advantages: Swing arm swing angle is big, strong stability, can increase the flexibility of the jet mechanism to improve the single sprayable area, not only the spray surface is more smooth, beautiful, but also reduce the turntable rotation times, increase the stability of the boom

E.Boom section

Telescopic arm with four BS700 high-strength steel plate welded after welding, weld joints have a lap bar, arm overall stiffness increase

Advantages: high-strength steel of the boom make the telescopic arm in the wet spray operation state, the jitter amplitude is small, good stability, can improve the quality of the spray surface

F.Reinforced rotary drive mechanism

1.rotary reducer adopts turbo-type gear reduction mechanism, big reduction ratio,  strong self-locking ability, the big output torque, stable smooth operation, high reliability.

2.rotary ring gear is big, roller diameter is 760mm, tooth surface after quenching, chrome and other post-processing technology, high strength, not prone to tooth phenomenon.

3.Adopts well-known brand rotary motor, large displacement, torque, good stability, in the precise control of the proportional valve, the rotation without jitter phenomenon.

G.Electrical control system

1.Contactor with Schneider (Schneider)

2.DC power supply using SIEMENS (Siemens)

3.The frequency controller uses Schneider (Schneider)

4.PLC controller using SIEMENS (Siemens)

5.Relay switch with SIEMENS (Siemens)

6.Remote control adopts domestic well-known brands, remote control distance, strong signal, no dropped calls, serial number phenomenon.

H.Quick – setting agent filling system

1. Accelerator pump driven by variable frequency motor, the use of Schneider inverter precision control quick-setting agent pump output flow, according to the current pumping of the amount of concrete automatically adjust the amount of added.

2.Accelerator pump with 2600L / h large displacement diaphragm pump, you can add 1000 l of the box in 20 minutes, greatly saving the preparation time.

3. Accelerator pump with 760L / 2.6Mpa variable piston pump, not easy to damage, also very durable, make changing time for quick wear parts longer, less trouble points.

4.Accelerator pipeline adopts a closed large diameter pipe, even in the winter can also smooth delivery accelerator.